Meet the HHPC Team

The Healing Hurt People Chicago team is made up of a diverse group of individuals with at least a masters level training in social work, psychology, public health and related fields of study. This makes us uniquely qualified to help participants heal from trauma and move forward in ways that are safe and healthy.


Co-Founder and Director of HHPC, Violence Prevention Coordinator, Department of Trauma and Burns, John H Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County

Carol holds master’s degrees in Divinity and Social Work and has 30+ years of professional experience and advanced training in hospital chaplaincy, non-profit management, program development, community engagement and education. She has clinical specialties working with children and youth, HIV/AIDS, and trauma. Carol is a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Since 2005 Carol has served as the Violence Prevention Coordinator in the Department of Trauma and Burns at Stroger Hospital directing projects integrating spiritual care, mental health services, violence intervention/prevention, and trauma-informed care into the work of the Cook County Trauma Unit. Carol’s work is deeply rooted in her faith traditions – requiring acts of justice, love, and respect. She learns from and feels privileged to be allowed into “holy” moments with staff, participants, and families.

Carol grew up in rural parts of the south and Midwest and moved to Chicago in 1986 to work at the “old” Cook County Hospital. The past 36 years have been a crash course in the best and worst human beings can experience – her life is richer and fuller for all of it.

In her free time, she enjoys all types of music, especially live performances, and hanging out at the at the beach (Lake Michigan or most any body of water). And, happily, she’s a church geek.


Clinical Director

Before joining the leadership team at HHPC, Dr. Jacob taught social work, direct practice and research at the University of Chicago. Prior teaching social work, she worked in a variety of evaluation and clinical care roles in HIV prevention and care, substance use treatment, and community mental health.

Dr. Jacob’s goals in her work are to provide healing centered care in the most inclusive and just manner possible, and high quality, trauma responsive mental health care for those who may not otherwise have access to it.

In her free time Beth-Anne enjoys long walks, hiking, and baseball.

While Dr. Jacob is deeply committed to supporting program participants at Healing Hurt People Chicago, her greater purpose is to create communities of learning, and inspire others to flourish individually and collectively.


Co-Founder of HHPC, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Chicago

Brad worked with children in residential treatment in New York and Boston for 7 years prior to graduate school at University of Colorado where he earned a PhD in Child Clinical Psychology. In Chicago he completed an Internship and Fellowship in Child Trauma La Rabida Children’s Hospital, and continued working there for 18 years. He co-founded and directed the Chicago Child Trauma Center and ran the Children’s Advocacy Center in Park Forest.

Brad understands he would not be where he is today without the privilege that comes from being a white male in America. Systemic racism and structural violence steered the life trajectories of many he serves. Brad commits to using his position to address racial injustice. He also believes that those who are most likely to be harmed by violence and racial trauma – Black and Brown youth in racially and economically segregated communities – should be the first to receive support and care for their emotional, spiritual and psychological injuries.

In his free time, Brad has read and collected comics for over 35 years. Earlier in his life, he played and sang in several bands. Although he no longer makes music, he loves going to live music performances. He grew up in the Boston area and has lived in Chicago since 1995. He’s married to a Clinical Psychologist and together they have a 22-year-old nonbinary child, an 18-year-old son, and a Golden Doodle named Rory.


HHPC Supervisor and founding Staff Member, Patient & Family Support Coordinator, Department of Trauma and Burns, John H Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County

Andy’s training and educational credentials include: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Bachelor’s in Psychology and Philosophy, Trained in trauma-informed interventions: Child & Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI). Attachment, Regulation & Competency (ARC), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Prior to joining the Trauma Department and HHPC Andy interned at Chicago Child Care Society working with teen fathers in Englewood. He was an Americorps volunteer building community gardens on vacant lots in Baltimore, MD, and he worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital researching youth suicide prevention. Andy also worked in a school in rural Nepal for a youth development organization, and worked at Sheppard Pratt Hospital on inpatient child psychiatric unit.

Gun violence is a social justice issue. When a person is injured by gun violence, it is usually the result of a long history of systems failing to support communities. Social workers have a responsibility to challenge social injustices, and Andy feels privileged to do so by caring for our patients.

He enjoys cooking, running, cycling, playing drums, traveling as much as possible


Trauma Intervention Specialist III

Jennifer’s educational training and credentials include: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MA from The University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration.

Prior to joining HHPC, Jennifer was a therapist with Thrive Counseling and Metropolitan Family Services providing therapeutic support to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

As a native Chicagoan, she is passionate about engaging in violence prevention work and being a support and catalyst for healing.

Witnessing our participants’ growth and ability to thrive after a crisis is inspiring. That inspiration is what keeps me engaged in this complex and challenging work.

In her free time Jennifer is an avid gardener, enjoys cooking, and committed to a daily self-care practice.


Trauma Intervention Specialist III

Antionio’s training and educational credentials include: Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CADC, Masters in Social work, and he is currently a PhD student at University of Illinois Chicago.

Prior to working at HHPC Antonio worked in domestic violence counseling, substance abuse counseling, individual-based psychotherapy, and mentoring at risk youth in Englewood, Chicago.

He loves being witness to resilience in the participants we serve, and wants to be a servant and ally of hope.

In his free time Antonio likes biking, chess, and spending time with his children.


Trauma Intervention Specialist III

Mackensey’s training and educational credentials include: MSW from Loyola Chicago, PEL for School Social Work, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Prior to HHPC Mackensey worked as a Cabrini Green Legal Aid Social Worker as part of the legal team supporting clients in a wide range of legal issues. During the last two years of her work there, she worked with young people on juvenile parole providing intensive case management with the goal of supporting them in completing their parole successfully.

Mackensey is always drawn to support individuals who have been isolated – those labeled “not good” – and those facing injustices in their daily lives. She believes that community heals, and that is the goal of her work – to build healing relationships and foster supportive community. Healing Hurt People allows her to do that work every day.

In her free time Mackensey coaches 14-18 year-olds in a travel softball program and also provides one-on-one lessons. She loves to write poetry and hopes to be published one day. She enjoys hanging out with her partner and two pugs.


Trauma Intervention Specialist III

Kyles’s training and educational credentials include: University of Illinois at Chicago Jane Addams School of Social Work, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Kyle was an intern and social worker with Cabrini Green Legal Aid for three years, providing intensive clinical case management with individuals who were impacted by the legal system in areas such as criminal defense, criminal records, housing and family law.

His goal in studying and practicing social work has always been to be a part of a field that values justice, advocacy and equity, continuously providing and modeling a trauma informed lens throughout every engagement.

Kyle enjoys woodworking and refinishing furniture, and trying new home projects that involve learning more about plumbing and electrical systems.


Inpatient Trauma Intervention Specialist II

Clara’s training and educational credentials include: Masters in Social Work from the University of Chicago, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, Trained in CFTSI, leads Trauma-informed trainings for hospital medical staff.

Prior to joining HHPC full time, Clara spent a year as an intern through her graduate program and fell in love with this work. She has been working in several residential programs over the course of six years (2016-2022) including Wasatch Academy, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, and Resident Heads for the University of Chicago undergraduate housing and residential life.

Clara considers it to be an absolute privilege to be invited into someone’s life, to know their story, and support them through one of the most difficult times in their lives. In addition, she believes there is something almost spiritual about being able to meet someone upon arrival to the hospital, during that golden hour, and to be a consistent source of support – to be someone they can rely on when everything around them is so chaotic, and to be honest, truly terrifying.

Clara has met the most incredible, resilient, strong men and women through this program and has created long lasting bonds. It is a feeling that is unmatched, and relationships she would not change for the world.

She enjoys writing poetry around her experiences, and spending as much time outdoors with her family as possible. Clara grew up in Utah, and after visiting Chicago for the first time at age 14, she told herself someday she would live here. She is happy to have made that dream a reality.


Trauma Intervention Specialist

Idella’s training and educational credentials include: BA Sociology, and MA Inner City Studies. She is currently enrolled in the school of social work at (name of school), earning a second masters degree. Prior to working in trauma at HHPC, Idella worked with high risk moms and babies (Maternal and Child Health) in medical settings for nearly seventeen years. She provided intensive case management to help families receive needed medical and social services that would increase better birth outcomes, and support them with obtaining the necessary tools to have healthy families.

Idella does this work to provide support and care to families in Chicago impacted by trauma and gun violence. She understands the ways in which this vulnerable population has been failed, and strives to show up for them throughout their healing journey so that they may know that they matter in this world.

Idella loves to read, write and learn new things. She is a nature lover who consistently explores ways to minimize any negative impact she has on the planet, people and animals.

Idella was born and bred in Chicago and is deeply affected by injustices that continue to persist in her beloved city. She does this often challenging, yet extremely rewarding work with the hopes that it will impact someone’s life in a positive manner. It is also important to her that those “who live in the margin” know they are cared about and people are fighting on their behalf.


Trauma Intervention Specialist

Keteena’s training and educational credentials include: Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health, QMHP.

Before joining HHPC, Keteena interned at Mental Wellness agency in the North Lawndale area. After completing her internship, a new pilot program was being initiated in North Lawndale to increase the lifespan and quality of life for high risk youth by prevention and/or reduction of guns and violent behaviors for youth between the ages of 13-17. The program used a relational, comprehensive, and trauma informed approach.

Keteena sincerely desires for people to live their best life, enjoying it to the fullest.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

She loves to take natural walks and behold the beauty in all four seasons, and enjoys participating outreach ministry.

Keteena believes that everyone is created with talents and gifts to share with the world in a way that empowers people to tap into their gifts and talents. She believes this can and will make the world a better place, to not only live in, but thrive in!


Inpatient Trauma Intervention Specialist

Sandra earned her master’s degree in Social Work at Jane Addams College of Social Work. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Latina/o Studies, with a Minor in Gender Women’s Studies at University of Illinois Chicago. Sandra is fluent in Spanish and English.

Before joining HHPC, Sandra worked in violence prevention directly supporting street-involved youth who are systematically impacted by street violence. She provided crisis management, advocacy, counseling, created curriculum, and ran a young women’s group, as well as the first young women’s skateboarding group. Sandra continues to support Little Village residents.

Sandra does this work to honor the young people who were not given the opportunity to live fruitful lives – losing their lives to gun violence or incarceration. Understanding that pervasive white supremacy keeps herself, loved ones, and neighbors oppressed – she looks out for young people connecting them with tools and resources to be successful and move forward from the adage, “when you are Black and Brown in Chicago, success means surviving to see another day.” Sandra’s community keeps her focused and grounded. Her life and work honors her grandfather who was known for nurturing community in his native Mexico City.

Sandra is a plant enthusiast, as well as a gardener. She tends and harvests produce from her community garden. Sandra loves engaging with her neighbors and building relationships to foster loving and supportive environments. She is also an avid animal lover, and a proud vegan.